Since I was young
I never thought that I
Would have this mess inside my head
I don't have the guts to say it
That I may be lead to a fucking bitter ending
But I can't go back and remove what's wrong
I will learn to live on my own
And for that I thank you
What's said and done
We've made our vows
I promised myself that I
Would be a better man
In the long run ill learn from my mistakes
There was something I left behind
It was a person who made me feel alive
Yet I feel ugly on the inside
But I've found my place in life
Where I want to be
I'm sure of it now its a place of
Love and heart
I hope she knows how she means to me
If I could turn back time would I change anything? defiantly not.
Staring me in the face my better half
Well I hope you know
How you mean to me
All things aside its along stretch from here
But I'm in this for the long run
And we'll stay the same with nothing in our way
We'll have long nights spent right
Until the break of day
Showing all that we are
Something of beauty and grace
And we'll stay there all day.

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