Ill hold your head up
Late at night where do I stand
At this point in time
I want your head on my shoulder
But I can't tell
Where I am in this dark place
I've never been here before
Don't let go of my hand just yet
Cause I can't tell who I am
Well let's bring this back to where
It started you and I were separate pawns
In this game of life where we would stare back and fourth
Well I tried my hardest to be with you
I held onto those little strands of hope
And they've gone oh so far and I wish you knew that you Are not alone
Now I sit and think about how you should know
By now you should know
You are my inspiration.
Now I don't know if I can do this on my own give me some Help, give me a sign come to me.
I never thought I'd feel alone together, the weight was Suppose to be gone but now its truly here.
You give me my true and honest smile that is brighter Than the whole entire city,
And yours lights up the night so we can see each other
With hopes held high that we'll be together again and ill Hold your head up
I hope that you remember when I lied
My life makes me think of you.
Remember I lied
My life makes me think of you and I
Just so you know
My nights are not whole

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