A Sight For Sewn Eyes

Look At It This Way


We all know how we got here
Forget about introductions
Spitting out lies and truth in my face
Wipes our very existence from my eyes
Ill just let it go
This is how it starts
Now I'm standing on my own
No need for any rumors
So fuck them all
You'll have to just let it go
This will stick with us
For the rest of our lives
I know you're better than this
Because I know you better than them
I know you can rise above them all
Play the role that you want you be
Don't let them rot us away
This is what I call
The healing process In progress
This is what they'll say
That I'm naive and
I'm fucking out of my mind
And I'm lost for eternity
I don't give a fuck what they say
Because I'm already gone
I'm finding my way home
I'm already gone
You know I'm already gone
I'm already gone I'm done
So fuck them all

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