Caverns Of Hades


Come feast on the hells that your head brings
Travel into the black
Bursting brain dripping blood into goblets
Afraid that you just might crack
It's too late, you can't turn back now
It's clearly over and done
The deals made, your soul is frayed
The tortures just begun

Down below your deepest nightmare
Into fields of flame
Catacombs filled with flesh and bones
Convulse and writhe in pain
Death ride, you're burning inside
Hellish visions come true
Last sleep, into hades you creep
It's only torment you're due
Blood falls down in cascades from walls
Time to go down below
Bleeding bells ringing two thousand hells
Into a death dream you're thrown

Blazing from inside
Salvation denied
Nightmare scenes are real
Before madness kneel
Cast your eyes to doom
Here in the killing room
And as you choke on blood
The next door opens up
You'll never be sane again

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