Raping The Multiverse


[solo - Bower]

My fingers scrape the brainbag housed inside my skull
My dead eyes closed my mind is seeing you below
Raping the multiverse
I've found my way again and plunged into the black
I fucked the cosmos and I'm never coming back
Raping the multiverse

[solo - Bower]

I filled my veins with toxic antedotes from outer space
I bled the galaxy 'til reason fled without a trace
I licked up hells and fire and time and space unknown
I sought unconsciousness and then usurped its throne

[bass solo - Coralles]

I plunged my fist right down the throat of destiny
I made the strands of time submit and cease to be
Raping the multiverse
Devoid of order blisters form in tunnels deep
On wings of madness fly the universal freak
Raping the multiverse


Penetrate desecrate
Lick the clit of shifting fate
Deeply slide inside a dream
Drown your soul with liquid screams

[solo - Coralles]

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