Alana Davis

A Chance With You


You make me whole
But we still have places left to go
But my life, heart and soul
Is yours for the sharing, let me know

With all you`ve seen
You still keep your heart set on your dreams
You`re so strong you should rest assured
Anything in this world you want is yours

I don`t have a chance with you
But I`m gonna let you find that all your love is better in my mind
You don`t have the heart to let me go
I`m gonna let you fly and all the rest
I`ll find on my own

This life we lead
Takes everything you`ve got and lets you bleed
But when you see that you`re not alone
It`ll open wider than you know

I know what you`re feeling when you`re willing to break
And I see all the pressure that you`re willing to take...

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