Alana Davis

Blame It On Me


Leaves change from green to red without notes in tune with time that surrounds
I think that`s something that you said back a while when you first started coming around
You and I are from different worlds but that gave us more to share
You`d ask me where I wanted to be and I was happy with you just being there
Now I feel we`ve got some serious talking ahead and I don`t want you to get me wrong
It`s just we`ve become kind of a habit to each other and this can`t keep going on
Blame it on Me
Over the past few months through no fault of you own
I`ve grown disenchanted and I`ve got to go it alone
Seems the natural thing to do `cause you can`t cling to me if I`m not gonna stick with you
Now take a look at what it`s all coming down to
You act like I`m leaving you on the shelf but I don`t know how else to say it
Life`s a game and we all have to play it
So I`ve got to look out for myself
Blame it on me
All these changes coming on And I`m feeling it so strong
You know they`ve got to be real
It`s hard to explain it baby if i can`t tell you how i feel
I`ve been pushing it aside but i can`t sacrifice my pride any longer
I thought it would subside
Something I could hide
But it`s only getting stronger
Blame it on me

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