Lost In The Crowd


Waiting, waiting lover
Why'd you cry?
I've been waiting ,
I've been hating you lately
Start watching, watching you go
Are they all the same?
Are they all the same?
And I know

I'm lost in the crowd
(oh no woo ooh)
I'm lost then I'm found
(oh yah ooh ooh ooh)

Changing, changing baby
All the time
I can do without all the
Rumours and new lovers

Watching, watching it's a crying shame
Cause they wanna stay,
But they're all the same
Am I lost in the crowd

Crying, crying baby all the time
Cause he'll leave you
And then find another girl to use

Watching watching while loves gone by
And He wont take me back,
He won't take me back,
And I know why
I'm lost in the crowd

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