Crimson Thorn

Beaten Beyond


Beaten beyond recognition
a mutilation extreme
the sacrificial lamb prepared for slaughter
God in the form of man, holy and supreme

Chief priest plot to kill based on blasphemy
innocent blood, betrayed and denied
case built on envy

Not a word spoken in defense
witnesses no longer needed
symbolic washing of the hands
the crowds violent hatred feeded

Fulfillment of the prediction
acknowledgement counted among the wicked
the onslaught of agony
despisement shown in a bloodied frenzy

Arrival of the execution
excruciating pain entwined with suffocation
testimony of humiliations punishing demands
pouring fourth the innocent blood of the Nazarene

Mourning over the body, awaiting anointing
darkness reveling, a sorrowful doom
lamented weeping concluded at the skull
covenant shed, forgiveness of sins

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