Crimson Thorn

Misguided Mercy


[John 8:58-59, John 10:30-32; Corinthians 1:18]

A picture's worth a thousand words
A word is worth a thousand hurts
Offensive teaching causes abject misery
The only cure is compassionate sorcery

Ears like a hairpin trigger
Indignation getting bigger
Can't control animosity
At another's perceived pomposity

Moving on is now allowed
Perpetrators are disavowed
They fail to tolerate all acts
Feeling they speak enlightened facts

Point of View of Christian:

But much offense is misguided
Too many things make them see red
To stand for nothing is to die
Allowing you to believe a lie

A new generation of Sodomites
Demand respect and certain rights
Offended and making a fuss
At hearing the bold words of Jesus

The Word was given to proclaim
Speaking it should not bring shame
Tolerance may seem right at first
But tolerating sin is worse

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