Crucified Barbara

My Heart Is Black


A knife cuts deeper than a hammer's fall
but the pain is the same when you're losing it all
Check out the fading star in the sky
The eight ball says it's time to die

[Pre Chorus:]
The lucky one is crying
I've got blood on my hands
Never been a fighter
But I'll do it if takes

I'm a fucked up player and the times is out
for the beautiful guy this song is about
Life is bitch and so am I you see
I dedicate my love to a flying-V

[Pre Chorus]

The sound is coming closer
I feel it in my veins tonight
Shame on me, my heart is black
The sound is taking over
Becoming me, I cannot breathe
Shame on me, my heart is black

No one can never get me to stay
And nothing can stop me from acting this way
I'm alone for sure but I'm standing tall
When the rest of you are losing it all

[Pre Chorus]

Never been a fighter
but I'll do it if it takes
I've got blood on my hands
My heart is black

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