Dance Gavin Dance

Acceptance Speech


Who drains the blood from my head I do, I do
Who comes through with the meds I do, I do
Blackened seeds you're gonna needs these, freeze
The common ancestor
The pressure of industry
Who sleeps in the grease crease
Wax and trails of mutual deceit
I heard that growth was gettin weak
Who taps the line , records my mind,
Twisted agenda, align my spine
Whose got the steeples, the people and scepters,
the rocks on the beaches, the angles the vectors.
Who drains the blood from my head I do, I do
And who accepts me as I am I do, I do

Relationships are a tool that can fuel the facade over my disguise
Fulfill my ego I do what I do with unrelenting compromise
When it's all on the table you know I'll be able to duck, dodge and run and hide
got a good education in disinformation, adept at constructing lies.

The crack on the staircase, I smoked out of boredom
My kitchen is filled with meat and chloroform
Squirming colors metastasize
Upon viewing the world the fetus eats its own eyes

And I will get it all on my own
And I will get it all on my own

Acting the fiction and, signing the right away,
Transistor electrocute, wiping the order away.
Awkward offensive hold, perfectly natural
They can't speak bout my brand, because I'm dead and white

I'm the one I'm the one with my hands around the gun
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
So what I'll die alone all right
So what I'll die alone all right

Woke up in a new Bugatti
Then I burned it
Woke up next to Jodi Arias
She my hood bitch
Double it down on all the clowns trying to remake DBM
Man you crazy
We started this sound from Sac Town
Bitch you best be home by 10
Curfew bitch

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