So this is what we go through to feel this way. Some things are
better left unsaid or so I m told. Girl, you know what I mean when I speak
these words. You re easy come, easy go, there s no substance to you. Sustained
relations, it s the way I lead this life. No time for your uneasy eyes that
have been set upon me. Let your slut tongue glide upon your smooth lips. Let
your anticipation eat your heart alive. And from what I can see some things
never change. A new generation that seeks the same in the end. But I know this
is what they want and they'll never get it. So stick to your guns girl, and
sleep in with the sirens. Lye with your heart on your sleeve and your hips
spread wide. I wish death upon you. A mistake within procreation. The ignorance
of your actions defines this culture. Spare me sly words, for these eyes do not
believe the deceivers. I have higher standards than you. These questions that
have endless answers will keep you lying on your back. You'll never have my
heart. You'll never hold me close. I feel the difference in the way that we
touch. I m not your trophy girl. I ll never be that way. I have no time for sly
tricks now-a-days. But your actions will never carry you far from here. Your
future relies on the lack of self respect you show. You make the difference. I
hope this breaks you down.

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