Open your eyes. Remember this is but a part of life and this time
will surely pass. I know that fear has overtaken you and not even my words
could shake these feelings. Just take notice to those around you and that they
are fearful for what they do not understand. You just have yet to accept this
and many do not. You've lived a life of violence and this was bound to be your
fate. So now I welcome you to your death. But do not fear this now you ll find
your way somehow. That is my purpose I am your guardian. So now you must accept
this departure from those now left behind. You re going to a better place. I
know your fear to meet with the almighty, but he is most generous. But I must
admit to you, this was a game. This was a simple hoax. Never was there a future
hidden within this light. This was a game, a simple hoax. Never was there a
future, only that of blazing warmth. So without further delay I guide you to
the gates of oblivion. Welcome to eternity. Let your flesh burn as it will.

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