Failure In Vanity

The Constituency


I've felt so frozen within frail moments. Powerless to
change the things around me. So I've turned to the future, and onward I move
with intentions set on changing the world around me. Don't tell me that it can't
be done. For this world is falling to pieces right before your blinded eyes.
You stand before a vanity of fear and neglect. Its reality that you have
abandoned and it is with that I rise to my feet to bring forth this revolution.
I cannot stand these words that you speak. I cannot feel pity nor remorse. For
the future is right before you and without your embrace, disaster is imminent.
My words shall be my shield. My actions shall be my spear. Your inaction will
be the end of us all. How can we learn to heal when the wounds that we bare are
so open to the world? Many messengers have show-cased our weakness and we are
exploited. We must accredit this to your inaction. It s your greed that
controls your motives. So before you I stand, no longer will I hear these lies.
Now freed of your lies; Revolution, Resistance. But now I must rest my tired
voice. For I am sore and these words must sink in. Believe in this.

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