Failure In Vanity

The Contender


The world has dragged me down. Yet I share these thoughts of
life as I digress. I stand so tall. I've been through such troubling times. But
these feelings are leaking from my chest. It s these choices I have made. What
difference does it make? For there are few words I could share to describe the
feelings leaking from my chest. How do I breathe the air that you ingest? How
do I live each day knowing you are just so out of reach? Oh, but it s these
decisions I have made. It s these moments I've chosen for myself. I thought I
knew this. I thought I knew it all. Do save me of my missed opportunities. For
I am unable to breathe the air you breathe. You are just beyond my grasp. You
are just outside my life. I will love the day when words will set us free. What
else can I say? What words will find my troubled tongue? My lips stumble upon
these frail words, slipping into empty sentences. My conscious reminds me that
some things are better left to their fate. So with that, I ll take my leave of
these thoughts and retrace my steps. Retrace my steps back to loneliness.

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