Few Left Standing

Cheatin' On We


I admit I slipped I should've knew you was a stupid hoe
thinking I shot a cupid's bow
but little do you know
I been fucking other nigga bitches, yep
that's the way to hit 'em
cause she'll keep shut and keep up her relationship with him
Remember Tim with the rim shop
that your friend brought to meet us and the clique
his bitch be loving the dick
Remember Nicholas that once lived with us
who be sniffing dust his wife like leather whips and cuffs
Remember Marcus who sold us two dimes for the 15
how he hit that hoe? Uh-uh he need to get that bitch cleaned
Remember Roc with the drop top
candy flip flop box had this trick bitch lips locked on my big cock
Mike and Joe I get hoes I be digging em out
We have threesomes both like dick and clit in they mouth
Rememer Randy that hang with Danny

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