All The Same


Nothing is nothing again, you're on your knees and in the rain,
you close your eyes but you still see all that you had
so you say "What's it to me, I've had this all before,
I've had this all before, so what's it to you?"
Feeling that the thrill of living left long ago,
you're stranded as a shadow dies in front of your heart,
your back's to the wall so you fall
because it's so much quicker to end it all.
Steal this away from us?
You can't take what we smile for, what we strive for.
And you can't break us when it's our time, this is our fight.
You can't give it up, although you've had enough,
we have no other hand to lend.
You're under the gun with one way to run, you're all the same.
Again like another day, you're looking for the time to pass,
so when's it gonna go, and when's it gonna stop.
You're falling falling falling, seems you're falling more than gaining
and your time has stopped a while ago, so what's it to you.
When the sky fell, so did my life and my dreams
but now I have the strength to keep going.
What's it to you?

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