Today Jeremy Challenges


Who can balance the time we once shared, the strength we must bare?
Who can balance?
Time can not wane any slower than this.
This will be the first and last time that we ever coexist.
We could have had the wealthiest harvest in years
if we had not burned down every single crop we had.
We tested the will as we wagered our pride.
Is this the end of our lives? Is this the end?
Restrain and repel the future in your hands.
Slowly break the stares.
Tear away the air.
After we are long gone,
will we have the chance to remember the times we once shared,
the strength we must bare?
The strength we must reveal, disclose, unmask, unfold.
It would have been really nice to escort you today
but I can't, I decline, today is the last day of the world.
We could have been the luckiest people right now
if we had not gambled away everything we had.

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