Hannah Montana

Head Over Heels


I'm glad we finally understand each other
I just wish I would know how I could tell you that
Who I am inside is not this girl tonight
I'm fallin' for ya
I'm feelin' a little too close to the edge

I'm head over heels for ya boy
I'm fallin' in love with ya boy
Wait a minute did I say that aloud
I'm head over heels for ya
Head over Heels
Head over heels

I'm listening to your show
Now I'm listening to it on the radio
Gotta get you outta my head
But what can I do
I've got the picture of your face in my brain
That's why (chorus)

No more from this girl
What about the other girl
The one with brown hair and the cute smile
Not the girl with blonde hair
Hannah Montana
What about...what about...
Spoken: Ok i can't say it...(Chorus)

head over
Head over
Head over
Head over heels!

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