I Exist

Blades Ruin


I travel on the lizards tale to find a soul not seen in flesh. Onwards i fly to the narrows veil to find a quest unlike the rest. casting a spell to the sky. Protecting his wisdom, thrown into hell. Isolate. Exile from the kingdom. Darkness lives in shadows cast to play tricks on my mind for only spirits in this cave could live without sunshine. Descend, deeper i forge on, i near the glow. Between the cracks a draft comes, howling up the pass. I fear nothing anymore. Light from my torch that i bare is nothing compared to the glow up ahead. I converge upon the majestic tomb which holds a magic stone into a sword is thrust, encrusted with gold and gem and not a touch of dust. Pull out the sacred blade and all my strength it takes. The ground rumbles beneath, begins the caverns quake. Passage from which i cam cut off by large debris i shield. A blinding light, wizard appears to me. Take the sword you have discovered here only the chosen may wiled its blade. Let it lead you to your destiny. Use its powers in your crusade.

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