I Exist

Ghost Of A King


Monarch of the continents presenting himself, the ghost of a king. Trapped somewhere between alive and deceased, left alone to his wailing and crying. Forever chained to a debt, restrained in the way of a spell, for shredding the flesh of a warlock. Was cast into eternal hell, i might be confined to a poltergeist. You are both mortal and soul the one who will conquer the planet and follow the way of the scrolls. But my liege i'm not a nobel man. I drink and smoke and like to fight. I slaughter souls and the enjoy the taste. I fear i'll never see the light. But he says take a look into my eyes you'll find these aren't a cowards scars. I expect you'll murder everything that wrongfully crosses your path. Judgement day has come for the earth. I'll put the whole damn world on trial, with ancient scrolls ill find a wizard who protects a magic sword with which ill behead any rivals. Uphold the wishes of the lord.

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