I Exist

Lungs Of Mire


Splinter through the filth, i dive head first, tension breaks. Rest crown against a cold dead lake, nothing to fear, nothing holding me back. I soar through the air, through the sky, gazing into the deep and darkness. A freezing hell, i'll defy. A place where the evil has hid from the world, a depth where the wicked have slept. Eternal constriction to gloom to wait out the length of their depths. The currents tearing against me, away from the darkness ahead, but the itch of the sea has convinced me i'll breath again when i'm dead. Thrashing to get to the surface, put the world back into my lungs. Slip the arms of a bastard lake and scream til i bleed from my tongue. I sense the satanical creature that looms in the lurid retreat, squeezing my limbs with its own submarinal death. I must cheat. Battle the underbelly. The ocean fills up my chest. Dragged towards the floor of the sea. My mind starts wasting away, flames of hell where my eyes used to be. Fight off the tentacles. I can breathe and water starts to fill my chest.

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