I Exist

Mammoth Falls


Winding through the bloodline, handing life to the land. Flowing over the bedroot and stone over flora and sand. Passing through the oak and fir, the viking pushes on. Conversion of a continent that cannot wait til dawn. With branches broken from the skulls of caribou and deer. The vessel made from blood and bone holds life for domineer. Prepare brave men of valour for today our bow hails. Farewell fair maiden, we may not return to promised course. We must sail. A callous fortress takes the sea with holy wind in sails. Heading for the border loam. The viking must impale. Everyone who stands amid the monarch and the tears, cried down from the magic mammoth falls to aid the pioneers. Vikings vikings vikings of doom. Elimination domination glorification for hydration. Peasant doom on the shores, blood and iron. Mammoth falls.

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