I Exist

Wyverns Keep


Beneath the ridges of the valley entwines a path which i must take, crusades beset by wicked menace. Pursue the task i can't forsake. But a Wyvern guards the trail. A road of broken stone withstands the endless onslaught, defends the passage to the throne. Countless bordies he has wasted, not even god could save embarks upon the beasts inferno, sending champions to their graves. Yeah summon the lizards eye, swallow my fears, before the sun can arise. Battle the creature and ensure its demise. A heated battle between reptile and man. A cornered beast beams thoughts to me. For years i waited for deserving man. Unchained from agelessness, set free. The Wyvern looks into my heart, it sees the purity i hold. Send the beast into the spirit world and thats the way the story goes.

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