Jaguar Wright

2 Too Many


Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil
You ain't seen evil

Tell me what you saw, was it like anything that I've seen
Let us not forget sista that your past ain't squeaky clean
And I know you wanna run back, and tell her
What a bad person I am but are you sure your gonna do that
Be sure, with every thing you've done with her man
At the baby shower, down in her basement
Back seat of her car, both times she was pregnant
At your mothers house, while she was in labor
Sure you wanna say something, I'm trying to do you a favor
Why it's always you who confirms his alibis
Panties that she found, barbecue forth of July
Know if this was her
If I was you I'll keep mouth shut bitch so

Hear no evil, don't hear nothing that I ain't hear
See no evil, don't see nothing that I ain't seen
Speak no evil, don't say nothing you don't want said
You ain't seen evil until you've dealt we me first hand

Got a situation, see, and it can go one or two ways
You could be a good girl and forget what you saw here today
If your sista finds out, about me she'll feel violated and
If she finds out about you, damn, damn, damn
She'll be hurt cause your family
So don't try to act like you've been betrayed
Your sleeping with your sista's husband sweet thang
Lets not make this personal, we both know he's a dog

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