Jaguar Wright

I Can't Wait


You know, baby
My mama used to say
Be very careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it forever, uh

Yeah, yeah (baby)
Ooh, hoo, hoo (Uh-huh)
Yeah, yeah (baby)
Ooh, hoo, hoo (Uh-huh)
Yeah, yeah (baby)
Ooh, hoo, hoo (Uh-huh)
Yeah, yeah (baby)
Uh-huh (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

Tuesday at night by the fireplace
A couple glasses of champagne and freak was written on your face
Said you were bored, you wanted something new
So I went to the kitchen 'cause I got something for you

Well, here in am, drawers in the hand
Housewife gone, think she won't be back till 10 a.m.
If I want it bad ???
Got a slick back hand 'cause I wear a size perfect for you

I can't wait to put my hands on you
Show you what you wanna see, I'll give it all to you, yeah, yeah
I can't wait to (Oh) get my hands on you (Get my hands on you)
If this is what you wanna do, I hope you're ready, Boo, yeah

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