Jaguar Wright

Self Love


Caught up in a web of deception, from this shit I done learned new lessons
So what you do, you keep on playing, you play on, player
From love to confusion you keep getting but you keep los'sun
So what cha find comforting you've proven, booz ¡®on, heart bruis' on
I'm the one, from the high note to the low pains you see destruction but your like a man,
All the voices their hid in your head, they all laugh ha ha ha ha ha yeah
From your denials to your delusions everything you gain you keep los'son
What you not know it's an elusion, so what the hell your doing

He's looking and looking, he's looking and looking, he's looking and looking
He's looking at you, he's looking at me, he's looking and looking
He's looking and looking, He's looking at you, he's looking at me
He's looking at us, he's looking at we, ah shit
He's looking at

You wake up every morning but baby boy your not sleep
Your test full but your not on
Your running fast but your not on your feet and your speed is there
You run on but you not know, your climb inside but you can't grow
Festering and festering til you fall to the floor
You screamed on but don't say
You work and work with no pay, you punch a clock but never end your day
You take vacation but your not playing what we say by this time here my friends drink three
You cry cry revolution, but which you want a solution
But your more content being in pollution jump in the motion, and ask the notion

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