Jacques De Molay


"...I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of torture,
and to mollify those who made me endure them..."

Grand Master - 33rd degree, did take to the grave his masonry,
He left his mark on the Turin shroud, but was burnt alive for the parisian crowd

Denied the christ, trampled the cross, rode to jerusalem on his horse.
At the stake, he renounced his lies - the smoke left hanging in the skies

Jacques De Molay!

Thou art avenged Jacques De Molay! For tis friday the 13th today.
The royal blood they did chasten, for the execution of this mason

Jacques De Molay!

"...The life offered me on such infamous terms, I abandon without regret..."

They buried the mighty heretics, these Templars with their magic tricks.
But fire's freedom laughed the last, and echoes loudly from the past.

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