Blow Away (a Peaen For P.i.t.)


O how the strings retch
And how the horns moan
They play out all the tears I'm not allowed to cry
But I have to cry to stay alive
To stay alive

And all the pretty boys
Lay in the passage
Of every song that etched its way from out my bleeding heart
But I have to bleed to be freed
To be freed

Blow blow blow away
Blow blow blow away
Blow blow blow away
Blow blow blow away
It's very gay to blow away
To blow away
To blow away

Now rest your guilty bones
No need to suffer anymore
The dirt tossed on your grave will blow away
This very day
I'll blow it away
This very day

Blow blow blow away
Blow blow blow away

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow their house down
I'll blow blow blow away. Blow blow blow away
In a space suit made of Mary Quant I'll blow away
I will. Get your drag and let's go, forget Joe
Let's blow, forget Joe, blow away
Bye bye blow away
Tata blow away
I'll write blow away

Too da loo blow away
Bye yie blow away
Tata blow away. Bye bye

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