Juelz Santana



(Dipset B*tch)
(Fella! Santana Aye!!)

Rock the boat dont sink the ship.
Do you like to get freaky freaky?
Do you to like get kinky kinky?
(Yea, I like to get freaky, freaky)
(Yea, I like to get kinky, kinky)
Do ya Good I get the boat rockin (yea)
Good let's get the boat rockin (yea)
Good we got the boat rockin (yea)
Good lets get keep the boat rockin

[Verse 1:]
Now how many chicks in this b*tch like dick?
Well how many dudes in this room like pune?
Holy moly the rap Goldie
ohh he back put up yours now clap
That, thats the sound i like to hear
That, thats the bounce i like to hear
Now grab a chick and get freaky
Wispher at her are you kinky
And if she tell you yes
found another chick that tell you yes and bail for sex
I bet that will be freaky
(yea that will be kinky) (yea)
Tap it up slap it up filp it rub it down dont forget to wrap it up
Then tell shorty to back it up
Just like a truck thats backing up (yea) (aye!!)

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