[Juelz Talking]
God will never put you in a situation that you can't handle
But you can definitley put ya self in a siyuation you can't handle
And some situations end in death
And death is a mothafucka, ya dig (ya dig)

[Verse 1:Juelz]
Old timer want the block back, stop that
You been gone too long the young nigga said
Lord knows, what's goin through this young niggaz head
As the old timer stood and grilled him (man)
Pissed off, shorty looked at his man
Touched his burner like I shoulda killed him (killed him)
Shorty in deep, but he don't care
But he don't know, these old timers don't play fair (nahh)
There he go, posted on his strip again
Toast on him, niggaz wit 'em, posted on his shit again
(Uh-Oh) He actin like it can't and it won't happen
Old timer bout to blow dust off that old cabinet
(Thats,Thats,Thats) Where dem guns was kept
These young niggaz better show some respect (respect)
I'll Teach 'em a lesson, he said to his self
As he proceeded to pull the lead from his shelf
Now he headed towards shorty block, forty cocked
On his zip, on his shit, like he don't care who shorty wit
But somebody saw him, before he go to shorty
Shorty phone ring, somebody called him
Somebody warned him, he's comin, he's comin
Shorty replied, somebody stall him

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