Juelz Santana

I Am Crack


[Santana talking]
What is this? What is this?
This sound like some graveyard shit (uh-oh)
well that's what the fuck they gon need
cause I'mma bury these niggas this time around (yeah)

[Verse 1]
Who better than me, you better than me
Shit you never will see if you dead and deceased
Keep two's, lead, and the piece and I'm busting it off right
Leave a trail of smoke like a fucking exhaust pipe
Took the coke up out the stash cause they know about the stash
Now I'm like swallow these dope up in the bags (yeah)
Coke up in the bags, yeah sown up in the bags
I do my chicks like Ludacris BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!
I'm a mean pimp you know what I mean pimp
Four hoes on each strip all bringing me chips (damn)
Futuristic, so when I'm gon they gon have to do balistics
Just to prove I'm this sick
You niggas need to be spank by your mami
For ever thinking you'll be greater than I'll be
You get that short late waist pack money
I get that all straight a.s.a.p. money bring it here now!

[Chorus 2x]
Touch the coke, touch the pot, add the soda what you got ME!(me)
I am what I am I be what I be and that you will see I AM CRACK!!

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