Juelz Santana

Let's Go


Cam'ron talking:

aww man, lets get it on man, santana you on your own man
hold the set down, lets get this bastards...
(yea lets do it)

juelz santana verse 1:

yea, you niggas dealin' with a G from the block
yea its me from the block
quick to tell a nigga, (lets get it on)
but i dont really like to beef on the block
that bring heat to the block
i gots to eat on the block nigga (lets get it on)
yea you dealin wit a pimp from the hood
keep a chick from the hood
quick to tell her ay, (lets get it on)
come on, lets go, im tryin' to do it so ay
(lets get it on)
im one hell of a guy, fly pelican fly
like scarface one hell of a high (lets get it on)
one hell of a ride that i drive
23's look like the perpellers inside ,yep
(lets get it on)
who stuntin' like me?
who frontin like me?
who did it ,who get it
who done it like me, you?
who wishin? who frontin?
who want it from me ,you?
come get it , you want it,

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