Juelz Santana

Lil' Boy Fresh


Yeah, yeah leave the hissin in, Don't take the hissin out
We gon keep this one all the way gangsta
I mean, you mutha fuckas don't realize, how real this shit is man
I mean, people always gonna try and get over on you
But protect what's yours, protect your family, protect what's right
Ya Dig!

The story starts off, lil boy black in the ghetto
No matter what he does it's back to the ghetto (ghetto)
No choice but to adapt to the ghetto
So he adapts to tha ghetto
Yes, the crack and the metal
He takes no days off, for gettin his cocaine off
He ran back and forth so much he pissed Jose off
Now Jose was the cocaine boss (boss)
Straight from Columbia, his cocaine soft
But Jose was out fuckin his sister
Hittin shorty off cuz' he had love for his sister
And shorty had no love for his sister cuz' sister would sniff up everything Jose gives her
But shorty had a plan for them both
Cuz' he was good at handlin coke so Jose liked him
Problem was, he was pitchin for the dudes down the street
You know, Cj, Big Boo, and Meleke
Meleke was a killa, Boo was a killa (yep)
Cj, well he's just anotha nigga
but, Despite the fact, they didnt like the fact, that he was close to Jose and he might just rat

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