Juelz Santana

Make It Work For You


(feat. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy)

Boy let me show ya how to make that crack
How to spend that money how to make that back
Girl let me show how to hit that strip
How to get that dick don't give back lip
Go head do what you do make it work for ya
[repeat 4X]

[Juelz Santana]
Put the coke in the pots whip it over to rocks
Ship it over the blocks it's movin' movinI do the damn thang I get a brick, shit
I don't let it sit quick I move the damn thang
I can show you how to mix that shit
How to get that shit how to twist that wrist
I can show you how to get back more
And the shit that you get back is just as raw
Girl I can show you how to hit that Ave
With that big fat ass and go get that cash
But you know you got to give back half
I'm somethin' like a pimp man go get that cash
Boy I don't play when it comes to money
I guess that's why I'm okay when it comes to money
I got two coups a truck and one four door
I can pick up all my hoes and have a one four all

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