Juelz Santana

Rian Drops


Ya probably aint expecting this one
Nope,yea clap clap un hun,
This something my grandmother would dance to or something
Sha ba doop doop dooooo
Sha ba doop doop dooooo

Nights like this I wish
That rain drops would fall........
(i know u wishing it would rain)
Nights like this I wish
That rain drop would fall.........

[Verse 1]
Ay Grandma and Grandpa
Look at ya grandson, I done made it far
Damn nana, I know its killing ya bones that damn cancer
I wish i had an answer,but i dont im jus wishin for an answer
Watchin my mamma cry, shes watchin her mamma die
Every second im drying my mamma eyes, she so proud of her son
See right through my mamma eyes, she jus follow the drips
U cant dodge the rain but u can follow the drips
And every drop of rain that falls, has a drop a pain involved,you better believe
88 cocaine it solves, now the dope came in charge yup
I see my niggaz for what they really are,what we really are
The dicks we really are, let it rain

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