Juelz Santana

This Is Me


Man, first I just wanna salute my soldiers
Nahmean? We just trying to stay above water
Feel me? I mean I speak for the Gs, the hustlers
They understand me, Nahmsayin?
Lock into this time and lock out (always)
I mean ain't nothing promised to niggaz like us
You know?

[Juelz Santana]
(Just a),
Another day another dollar
(Now look what you got)
Another hater, another plotter
(Shit, you know the drill)
A brother pay, a brother holla
(Watch 'em, they creeping)
Another raid, another copper
(Aw man)
Another case, another lock-up
Another bail, know that cake better pop up
That's just day to day shit we go through
And results of the day to day shifts we go through (you know)
Some niggaz day to day pitch, they local, (and)
Some niggaz day to day bricks, they coastal, (and)
Some niggaz day to day snitch, they vocal
I don't honor them fools
Them type of dudes get they tonsils removed

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