Juelz Santana

Whatever You Wanna Call It


Ooh, ooo!
Roll call time again baby...
I'm back in the, back in the, back in the building
Juelz Santana, (Aye), Dipset bitch
I need all my soldiers and my block, man to stand up for me
It's about that time, ya know

My hood, my city, my side
(Whatever you wanna call it) Nigga, I ride
My town, my color, my block
(Whatever you wanna call it) Nigga, I rock
My state, my strip, my ave
(Whatever you wanna call it) Nigga, I'm bad
My building, my porch, my stoop
(Whatever you wanna call it) Nigga, I Post

[Verse 1-Juelz Santana]
Straight for paper, paper chaser
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
I know my block is a crazy zoo, but it got me crazy glued (stuck)
I got to make these moves,
So I hustle the hardest (drugs)
I got no team, just a connect and a couple of partners
I keep my street niggas, my street niggas (yup)
I keep my cheese niggas, my cheese niggas (yup)
I keep my beef niggas, my beef niggas (yup)
And I keep my weed niggas, my weed niggas
Keep business, businees, keep pleasure, pleasure

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