Mac Dre

Genie Of The Lamp


We gonna put this bullshit to a stop (we gon' cut the crap)
Me and one drop (see yeah, see)
We gon' pop while y'all niggaz slop (see we gon' cut the crap and make ya slop)
Keep ya tryin' to cop
Dope, yadidamean

I don't fuck with it if it don't bear the stamp
I'm thizzlamic the genie of the lamp
I can go fifteen rounds with the champ
And bother a bitch, like some cramps
Put some clamps on your girl before I take her
And then make her a good money maker
She got the drapers and that's worse than the vapors
She lick my dick like some zig zag papers
I'm Samuel and Denzel in one body
And Bumpy Face Johnson, I'll kill somebody
Pop pills when I party, white Madusas
And no one can goose her, like I can goose her
I'm the genie of the lamp, the golden child
Being the virgin now, drinkin' ?
Nigga now, I got my own style
If you put my shoes on, you wouldn't last a mile

[Chorus: x4]
Summertime, on the time, I'm on the grind gettin' mine
I got that ring, I'm the champ, I'm the genie of the lamp

My furry Kangol is my turban
I smoke good durban
Listen to flashlight, the extended version
Love to spend money, I'm always splurginNever hurtin', and that's for certain
Cherry flavored bourban, never heard of it
Get it when I spit it, every word of it
Don't be scurred of it, it's all gravy
Yeah, you got the right one baby
Fa show, never maybe
When she get lazy, I just say
Bitch is you crazy
I'm a grown ass motherfuckin' man
And there's a few things you must understand
When I do it, I do it big
That shit you talkin' is water under the bridge
Neither here or there, irrelivant
Bitch if you won't pay, I go sell a bit

[Chorus x4]

Ah, ah, ah, hello, hello my friend
Yes, my name is Muhammed Al Boo Boo (Muhammed Al Boo Boo)
And I'm the genie of the lamp (the genie of the lamp)
I'm the make it happen captain (the make it happen captain)
Put it in my hand, your wish is my command (yeah, yeah)
I got the skill to make your dreams real, ya feel (yeah, you beezie)
Uh huh, uh huh, yes, walk the thizzle brick road

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