Mac Dre

Lame Saturated


[Verse 1:]
Dre dips more whips than the man on Grand Theft Auto
Catch me in five hundred sedan S model
Killer whale on my tail trying to catch and follow
But Dres ghost get ghost, I scram press throttle
Give a damn spending grands me and my mans be at the grotto
Trying to steal a rich Lucy from a Ricky Ricardo
Fuck a wife I want a hoe that look like Nelly Furtado
To take me skiing in Aspen Colorado
Cash in like the Lotto then pass me the bottle
Cause they know live life lav is my motto
This is not the Apollo I don't care if you like me
I'm Gucci, Louie nigga read these Nike's
Mac Dres gets hyphy, cop trees from Mikey
I'm a viking always striking, never hyphy I'm doing my thing
Fresh clothes from the dry clean, and my bling shine like high beam
I'm a eighteen wheeler, nigga I'm realer
So I can steal her, peal her, and drill her
I'm the dope rhyme dealer
Bust like a nine milla got hoes in Chowchilla
Cutt throatettes, cause my hoes are realer
My hoes are stealer's, boosters, and pick pockets
Get profit and prey for pimp profits
Trick stop it before I take it there
Quit while your ahead you'll never make it player

Man this games been bladed, its lame saturated
I don't know how these cats made it
They must be all related
Your making things complicated
You need your mic hand amputated
I can't be faded this games been bladed, it's lame saturated
I don't know how these cats done made
They must be all related they making things complicated
You need your mic hand amputated

[Verse 2:]
I can't be faded you Macs done ran out of words
I spit predicates, pronouns, and adverbs
Everybody talking about copping birds
You ever cop four pounds of white widow from a nerd
Your game is to the curb might got to conserve
No flavor you lack herbs
Your not seasoned like honky food
Your not funky dude, your beats ain't bumping dude
Its fools like you the give the game a bad name
You beach cruiser loser, stay in the bike lane
Or get ran over, found bent over
You can't be a rapper, you be to damn sober
Your yogurt passed the expiration date
Got no work no cash and you perpetrate
Come on cut it out, I stay high and blunted out
Unraveled and gutted out

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