Mat Kearney

Can't Break Her Fall


She says today is gonna be the last one
I know there's never gonna be an easy way out
She's rolling round the town with a fast gun
And I know I can't be there to catch her when she falls

Well half way down is half way out of here
We're either halfway drowned or half way 'round the pier
When you're that far gone

I walked the steps to her apartment with the window by the shore
And saw her curled on the tile through a crack in the door
I've been searching for the words I don't know how to say
I've been searching for the words to make it go away
I spent all of last night and the night before that
With my feet in the sand and the wind on my back
Watching a ship sail out to a blue wide sea
There must be more than this with a kiss we can't see

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