Mc Eiht

Got Cha Humpin'


My nigga Muggs in the house
Who keeps you humpinEihthype keeps you thumpinAlways into somethinWestside got it going on
Westside got it going on

Who creeps in smooth with moves like Gotti
Trips to make grips and back to the party
Million dollar holler with the Jazzy Belles
97 makes moves with the freaky tales
Hold up, stop the presses
Floats to the club and show me love in little short dresses
From 8 at night till 6 in the mornIntend to get ?naked?, try to put me on
Tick tock, it don't stop, clock keeps tickinPour one more and wait for the liquor to kick in
Lookin suspicious cause you don't know the game plan
To the V.I.P. you peeps the ?three span?
Naughty as I wanna be, so check it
Drama to the women I perfected to get naked
2 shots of the V.S.O.P. R

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