Oak Pantheon

An Altar Of Limbs


Ash covers everything
Black clouds blot out the sun
Drowned are the memories
Scorched remains of what once was

Eternal darkness
No guiding light
Ethereal wind picks up
Sparks drift through the night

Dive into oblivion
Ageless desolation
Plunge into obscurity
Relentless solitude

I'll live one thousand years
Not measured in time
But in wisdom

To learn what I can know
And leave the rest up to my God

When I am done
I will lay down
Beneath the canopy

And watch as my body falls
With the Earth

I carve my sign into every tree
With force, with precision, with purpose
Neon aurora covers half the twilight sky
A gift from heaven to light my way

At the roots of the tallest tree
Gnarled hands build an altar of limbs
The alder torch weighs heavy in my hand
Ignite the final flame of man

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