Oak Pantheon

Architect Of The Void Pt I


From the top of this tower I've watched it for so long
Aeons corrupted as the world rots away
A shade of indifference casts forth reflections
A mirror of thought, abandoned and destroyed
Refuge of loneliness, barren and forlorn
Sculptor divine, who carves a black hole
They'll come back screaming, demented and deranged
Lurk in the shadows malicious man from the sky

Forging nothingness since the time when stars were born
You look down on us until the world dies
Your grand creation did nothing but damn us all
You painted the earth with the blood of every man
There's no room for hope when looking through the eyes of death
We'll all be consumed, wanderers of the void
You reform the clouds to show a glimpse of heaven
You'll show no mercy, architect of the void.

I will journey past the stars to find you
I know you will be there waiting
You have answers that will tell us why
This world is filled with nothing but lies

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