Oak Pantheon

In The Dead Of Winter Night


The air is cold and thin
In the dead of winter night
A woman standing still
In a dress of purest white
Her beauty was unmatched
But her heart was black as coal
A gorgeous outer shell
To a body with no soul

I woke up to her touch each and every day
Her skin changed precious white to a dismal dying grey
Unlatched the golden clasp that held her rotting cloak
And from the heartless void poured a putrid poison smoke

I fell through the trees
My body lurched as I hit the forest floor
I fell to my knees
All hope was gone, faith abandoned

I woke up to her touch each and every day
Her eyes changed deepest blue to a grim and empty grey
The spirit left my body
And walked into the sun

Sorceress, Spell-weaver
Masterful deceiver
Shameless lie believer
Punishment receiver

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