Formation amasses
Dark clouds roll in
A curtain of mist masks a sky that's falling down

A violent tremor
Shakes the ground beneath
Expands and contracts as it crumbles from within

Two tattered claws, dark shrouded head
A shapeless form drags Itself from the crater
We assemble around It and we hear Its praise
It says we're unique just like everybody else

Unending pain (Torture divine)
Our greatest fears (Pulse feeding vine)

We're kindling the fire It creates
We're programmed to be scared everyday
We're blinded by Its viral fear monopoly
We'll be enslaved forever
We'll be enslaved forever
To the end

We will spill holy blood in the name of the Father!
We will tear down the gods as we watch the world burn!
We will rip flesh from bone just to feed one another!
We will all heed Its call, we have become the Fallen!

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