Oak Pantheon

Roots Of Man


Throughout time
We think of the end
What lies past death
If nothing at all

Distant sounds removed from time
A swell of souls screaming in sorrow
Endless desire for mortality
Eternity akin to a nightmare
Cast out for a new creation
God playing man and man playing God
Castigate the sire of time
Erase the Earth from our world

Here we wait
Watching the stars
Praising the Sun
Eternal life

Human souls immune to time
Bane exposed, the idea haunts me
Skin still crawls perpetually
Aching bones turn into stone
Ardent faith, mystery concealed
Rumors survive vicariously
Abstract thoughts, like a lucid dream
Wait for the End, it never comes!

Body corrodes
Shadow dissolves
Now I've found the Roots of Man
Hiding behind all the faces of God!

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