Yesterday has been understood
But its past hasn't been figured
You would be surprised if you could
For sure, today would be clearer

No one is leaving beyond time
Existence is limited by life
The past is gone today draws the line
It is not dead, it is just stuck in ice

Will you break that ice?

Sudden turn of the process of time
Sudden overthrow
Chronological turbulence
Mixture of the epochs
Sinking into confusion slime
Madness starts to grow
Nightmares of the past are no more frozen
The chronocraze strikes


You are plunged in a deadend odyssey
Through the heart of a timeless state
where the frontier between now and then
Is just a misguiding fate

Memories are free
Recollections are materialized
I hope you have
Only good souvenirs

Some pretend to know
What has been and what will be
The truth will only glow
If you are there to touch and see

Shadows of what used to be
Entering your realities
Shadows of what used to be
Reaching all infinities

Past deeds are mixed with
Present actions
The only futur you have is
made of expectations

The only futur you have is
Is threatened by the chronocraze

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