The Bomb


You're lost in the middle
Fellin so hopeless and searching for restless peace
Runnin,runnin,you go insane at all
Realize you'll never find again,ı know

You know ı'm the reason you cry
You fear is what makes me stand
The world is turnin to a time bomb
You're chained and you don't understand

Tıme bomb, tıme bomb

No one will ever win the game of war
You look,but never see the other side of wall
The world is helpless in the race against the time
And time is foolin all the man kind ever more


Pain,sorrow,don't you feel? cries fear,don't you hear?... no!!!
Darkness comin down alone
You can't deny it
Warpain covering the world
You can't clean it
Roses fall down from the guns
I can't believe it
Now ı see your ugly face
But ı can't stand it

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